Population Health Management

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Our Approach

We define Population Health Management (PHM) as the process of assessing and analyzing healthcare and its delivery to create improvement for a population of individuals. We provide end-to-end solutions and strategies to improve quality of care, access to care, health outcomes, and healthcare policies. The solutions will assist individuals in reaching their full health potential through preventative care, care coordination, and patient engagement.

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Public Health Surveillance

Systematic collection and analysis of health-related data is essential to evaluating and implementing public health practices. Our solutions examine impact of health-related issues and use real-world surveillance to develop strategies for mitigating local/regional vulnerability from various burden of diseases.

Quality, Assessments, and Audits

Syra Health is enabled to provide in-depth analysis and recommendation of various quality measures, assessments, and audits on nationally recognized rating systems. Our in-house assessments offered can provide value and quality insight into evaluation of various programs and services.

Health Equity Solutions

Achieving health equity requires analysis of healthcare gaps, population risk stratification, and strategic interventions involving social determinants of health. Our solutions target disparities from regional to organizational levels and provide interventions that promote more equitable health and healthcare for all.


Syra Health can perform intuitive research and provide end-to-end high-quality analysis on health and healthcare data and derive insights that can be developed into strategic interventions. We can provide valuable analytical resources and solutions by leveraging an experienced team of data scientists, biostatisticians, and analysts to help your organization make effective decisions.


Epidemiological solutions are a hallmark of our provided services. Data-driven analysis of emerging trends, patterns, and determinants of health across various populations can provide a deeper understanding of public health and enable organizations to influence policy and evidence-based practices. Syra Health is deeply involved in providing state and local agencies with various epidemiological services to improve public health.

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