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Population Health

Population Health Management

What We Do?

Population health management is the systematic and comprehensive approach to improving the health outcomes and overall health status of a specific population.

Our Approach

We define Population Health Management (PHM) as the process of assessing and analyzing healthcare and its delivery to create improvement for a population of individuals. We provide end-to-end solutions and strategies to improve the quality of care, access to care, health outcomes, and healthcare policies. The solutions will assist individuals in reaching their full health potential through preventative care, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Analytics As a Service

Syra Health conducts in-depth research and provides precise analysis of health and healthcare data to reveal valuable insights for creating effective interventions. With a skilled team of data scientists, biostatisticians, and analysts, we offer valuable resources and solutions to support informed decision-making within your organization.

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Epidemiology is at the forefront of our services. By analyzing emerging trends, patterns, and determinants of health in various populations, our data-driven approach provides a deeper understanding of public health and helps organizations shape policy and evidence-based practices. Syra Health works closely with state and local agencies to improve public health through our epidemiological services.

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Health Equity Analytical Solutions

To achieve health equity, we analyze healthcare gaps, stratify population risks, and implement strategic interventions that involve social determinants of health. Our solutions target disparities from regional to organizational levels, promoting more equitable health and healthcare for all.

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Population Health Management

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