Behavioral & Mental Health
A Journey to Wellness

Navigating Behavioral & Mental Health Challenges

Conversations about behavioral and mental health face hurdles like stigma. Barriers to treatment exist, such as uneven access and a lack of integration within primary care. Insurance challenges and research funding gaps also narrow the road to help. Overcoming these challenges presents an opportunity for a technological intervention focused on the prevention of mental and behavioral health crises before they reach the crisis point.

Technology Solutions

Syra Health offers Syrenity, a technology product using an AI-backed diary to continually monitor mental health status.

Immediate Access to Health Specialists

Utilizing Syra Health's own telehealth services and licensed therapists, mental health treatment can happen anytime 24/7 without waiting days or weeks.

Our Approach

Proactive Prevention Strategies

At Syra Health, we believe mental health is just as important as physical health

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