Powering Better Population Health

Our Approach

A Unified Approach to Community Health

We define Population Health (PH) as the process of assessing and analyzing healthcare and its delivery to create improvement for a population of individuals. We provide end to end solutions and strategies to improve the quality of care, access to care, health outcomes, and healthcare policies to help our partners. The solutions will assist individuals in reaching their full health potential through preventative care, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Striving for Holistic Community Wellness

Pursuing Comprehensive Community Well-being


Our team of epidemiologists analyze emerging trends and patterns in health using data driven methods. Our research and understanding providers deeper insights for those organizations shaping evidence-based policies and practices to improve health for communities, populations, and the public

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Data Hub and Services

Our Syra Health Data Hub is a sophisticated solution for mining relevant public health data with the ability for partners to add custom data to the mix. Our services include a vulnerability index and disease-centric analysis. We also incorporate predictive models for much sought after insights and risk prediction.

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Population Health

Challenges in Achieving Population Health

Promoting Health Equity and Well-being

All of us, including our partners in healthcare want to see improved health outcomes that translate into healthier populations. They want to reduce mental health issues, substance misuse, and they want help assessing and implementing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards that help eliminate health disparities.

Why Syra Health?

Empowering Lives through Informed Choices

Syra Health: Your Success Ally

At Syra Health, we’re in the business of your success. As a payer, provider, life sciences organization, government agency, or academic institution, we are here to craft solutions that fuel your achievements in healthcare. Let’s redefine success, hand-in-hand.

Our Advantage

  • PHM focuses on proactively managing the health of a defined population, rather than just treating individuals when they become sick.
  • Population Health is achieved as Syra Health delivers healthcare analytics as a service; mining data, analyzing epidemiologic trends, stratefying risks, and identifying equity gaps that in turn allow us to partner with healthcare and life sciences organizations to develop strategic interventions.

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