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Automation in Healthcare Marketing to Tap $25 Billion Market Size

Automation in healthcare marketing is technology-enabled communication strategies. Essentially, it allows the providers to engage patients in a customized manner based on preset behaviors. Automation isn’t just about arranging manual tasks and saving time; it also effectively delivers highly tailored messages to the right audiences.  By automating healthcare communication, the opportunity to build patient trust, confidence, and loyalty increases exponentially. Automating marketing strategies will help the healthcare sector grow faster. This also ensures healthcare providers achieve better outcomes. Experts predict that by 2023, the global spending on marketing automation software will exceed $25 billion.

Key Strategies for Healthcare Marketing Automation


1. Healthcare Marketing Automation through Referrals

Use various referral management software systems after seeing the patients. Send a referral request email to each positive response. Get a feature that allows satisfied patients to email the referral to their friends and family. And as for physicians, referral management software can work the same way. Practitioners can use this system to refer patients to you. 

2. Healthcare Market Coverage through Increased Reach

To avoid last-minute drop-offs before the patient visits, send appointment reminders, hospital location with links, and doctor’s feedback, which will aid in the acquisition and retention of new patients. Increase the number of inquiries that become appointments, and appointments that become visits, by providing relevant interaction at each stage.

3. Leverage Online Listing Management 

Yext Listings or Moz Local software enables you to view and manage online listings, including location info, facilities, and office hours, all in one place. Another advantage is that NAP (name, address, phone number) inconsistencies can be spotted and fixed easily. Your NAP’s quality and precision will help you get a higher rank on search engine results pages. Higher rankings will help your clinic gain more online exposure and attract more patients.

4. Use Email and Text Marketing

Doctors must pay close attention to their patients. It is also critical to follow up with patients regarding the services provided. Trigger-based texts and emails can be used to create healthcare communication between a doctor and a patient. You can send important messages and reminders via email and texts to one patient or more through the automation marketing software.

5. Market through Customer Testimonials

A dedicated cross-verified testimonials page will aid in the development of confidence and the expansion of your practice. A testimonials page that has been specially built will automatically extract all of your recent positive feedback from all the major review websites, such as Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, and Yelp. 

6. Patient Retention through Text Reminders

To engage patients, build healthcare workflow automation. Use date-based prompts to remind them of their annual health checkup automatically. Even something as basic as automated birthday and holiday greetings can go a long way toward improving patient retention. You can find customizable e-card templates on various websites and applications, and you can also use email marketing software.

7. Leverage AI for Sentiment Analysis

Utilize artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis to determine how your patients feel about various aspects of your practice. You can easily monitor your strengths and areas that need improvement after producing a customer sentiment report to improve the patient experience. Some of the tools are Google Cloud Natural Language API, Brandwatch, and Lexalytics.

8. Healthcare Marketing Automation for Patient Engagement 

Quizzes and wellness surveys can be shared with current patients and new leads. Give them tips and other information based on their lifestyle patterns and ratings. Invite them for a free or discounted consultation if anything appears to be a concern. Run patient retention campaigns. For example, you can conduct half-yearly health checks, lab tests, or lifestyle change consultations, as well as campaigns for expectant mothers.

9. Automate feedback and review collection

Getting feedback from your patients regularly allows you to remain updated. To maintain the healthcare organization’s image, use reputation management platforms to communicate with disgruntled patients and address their issues. Some of the popular review websites are Yelp, Healthgrades, and Google.

10. Get necessary insights

You will improve customer satisfaction and retention by automatically contacting them to learn more about their needs. Consider sending automatic texts to remind patients of things like annual health tests as part of the patient retention plan.  Healthcare marketing agencies can use the above-mentioned key points to improve patient involvement, create lifelong patient relationships, and rapidly expand the scope and annual revenue with these techniques for automating healthcare marketing.