Preventative Care at its Best

  • With Syra Health’s Syrenity, users can identify and prevent the progression of negative factors influencing behavioral and mental health.
  • Experience an app that utilizes evidence-based care and patient-centric philosophies to help realize an individuals true health potential.
  • Syrenity integrates telehealth to make a therapy appointment easily accessible.

Modules & Features

Modules Designed for You

  • Educational
  • Coaching
  • Telehealth
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Wellness activities
  • Tracker
  • Historical data collection
  • Trend analysis

Take Control of Your Health

  • Tailored strategies to suit your unique mental health needs.
  • Seamlessly connect with mental health professionals for support and guidance.
  • Evaluate and understand your mental well-being for informed decisions.
  • Access a wealth of information to empower your journey toward mental wellness.
  • Monitor your behavioral trends and milestones on your path to improvement.
  • Your data and conversations are guarded, ensuring a safe space for your well-being.


Care Any Time, Any Where

Secure Virtual Sessions

Connect 24/7

Improved access to quality support

All therapists are licensed and accredited professionals.

Pioneering a Modern Era in Mental Healthcare

Syrenity transforms mental health care through personalized, proactive AI interventions, offering users customizable tools like assessments, cognitive therapy, and telehealth. This innovative blend of technology and compassionate support redefines the mental well-being journey.

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Connect with a therapist through our telehealth platform. All you need is an internet ready device and a stable connection then you are ready to begin your healing journey!



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