Government Solutions

Syra Health serves as a trusted partner to the government. Whether we are working together at the federal, state, or local level, our specialized services cater specifically to the diverse needs of government healthcare. Our solutions ensure efficient management, cost-effectiveness, and improved healthcare delivery. We look forward to working with your governmental agency to implement strategies that align with your goals.

Federal Government Solutions

Syra Health’s success has been built upon the reliable, secure, and high-quality solutions we provide state and local governments. Now we have expanded our solutions to encompass the critical needs of the federal government.

Digital Health Solutions

Increasingly government is looking for new systems and solutions to effectively communicate with constituents and deliver on their expectations. Syra Health offers products and services that allow government to respond to constituent inquiries at any time in real time. Our solutions are customizable, affordable, and accessible, consistently meeting Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Health Education Solutions

We collaborate with government agencies to offer health education services that satisfy government health program needs. Our trainings run the gamut from chronic condition management to health equity training that identifies health disparities, social determinants of health, and implicit bias.

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Mental and Behavioral Health Solutions

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s approach to value-based care puts a premium on solutions like Syra’s Syrenity product which focuses on prevention of mental and behavioral issues before they reach a crisis point.

Available for the healthcare workforce, Syrenity is a confidential mental health solution that uses an AI-backed diary to assess mood and offer coping strategies, with the ability to integrate telehealth via a licensed therapist if mental health treatment is needed.

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Population Health Solutions

According to the CDC, six out of ten Americans suffer from chronic disease. Syra Health employs a talented team of epidemiologists and research analysts whose services are helping to improve public health through research studies, reporting, and program evaluation.

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Healthcare Workforce Solutions

According to the CDC, nearly half of health workers reported feeling burned out in 2022 and one in four received a mental health diagnosis since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, and the Veteran’s Administration operate healthcare facilities that are not immune to staff burnout and resulting shortages.

Syra Health offers healthcare workforce solutions such as healthcare workforce training, staffing, and management. Syra Health uses agile methodologies that also help improve healthcare workforce productivity and affordability.

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State and Local Government Solutions

State and local government agencies rely on Syra Health to help them solve some of their biggest healthcare challenges. Whether it’s digital health, mental health, or more, Syra Health has the solution.

Digital Health

Syra Health’s digital products such as SyraBot and CarePlus are helping users of insurance websites have a more positive experience by responding to inquiries in real-time at any time of day or night. CarePlus solves a key integration problem that health systems face by providing easy integration with other systems and labs. Syra’s solutions are focused on prevention, affordability, and accessibility.

Healthcare Workforce

Syra Health’s clinical staffing solutions are tailored to provide flexible and scalable staffing options that align with the unique needs of state and local government healthcare facilities. Syra Health provides the necessary training and educational services to ensure quality clinical personnel. Syra Health also offers social support, mental and behavioral solutions, and digital support solutions customized to the individual partner needs.

Health Education

Through strong collaboration with state and local agencies, we deploy evidence-based and ADA compliant educational resources in the formats best suited for your educational needs. Our health education solutions are developed by health experts to help improve health literacy and outcomes.

Population Health

Our experienced team provides epidemiological services to state and local agencies to improve public health. We analyze emerging trends and patterns in health using data-driven methods, providing a deeper understanding of public health to support organizations in shaping their health policies and practices while solving their unique challenges.

Behavioral & Mental Health

We help enhance the mental wellbeing within state a local agencies by offering solutions that support individual’s mental and behavioral health. From first responders and social services to education and transportation, our prevention-first approach empowers individuals to take control of their mental health now and well into the future.

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