Population Health Management


Our Approach

Our team is deeply experienced in providing state and local agencies with various epidemiological services that improve public health. Through data-driven analysis of emerging trends, patterns, and determinants of health, we help provide a deeper understanding of public health and enable organizations to influence policy and evidence-based practices.

State Epidemiology

  • Chair and Manage State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup
  • Monitor Substance use, Infectious Diseases, Chronic conditions, Environmental Exposures, Epidemic and Endemic diseases, Mental Health, and Health of Special Population
  • Data-driven Evidence-based Practices and Discussions
  • Establish Health Priorities
  • Evaluation of Regional Prevention System

Our Recent Publications

Syra Health has been chairing and managing the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup since 2021

Local Epidemiology

  • Monitor substance use and mental health at the local-level
  • Local-level technical assistance to implement strategic prevention frameworks
  • Data-driven evidence-based discussions with local stakeholders
  • Establish and monitor local behavioral health priorities

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