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Syra Health Hosts the 2023 State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW)

The State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) collects, analyzes and reports on the epidemiological data regarding substance use and abuse in Indiana, and develops data-based recommendations on prevention priorities for the state. Syra Health has managed and chaired the SEOW since 2021 and is proud to say that the 2023 Symposium was a resounding success! The symposium shared new findings and data on mental health and substance use/misuse trends in Indiana. Discussed throughout was how these key trending topics directly impact local communities and what we can do to improve health outcomes.

The SEOW Committee contains a team of experts, including researchers, epidemiologists, public health professionals, and policymakers who collaborate to analyze data, identify trends, and inform strategic interventions. The SEOW convenes intermittently to review and analyze data, discuss findings, and develop recommendations. The meetings foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants, enhancing the collective understanding of behavioral health challenges and opportunities in Indiana.

This year, the SEOW Symposium was fortunate to host renowned speakers who are champions within the disciplines. Their expertise and contributions have provided invaluable knowledge and inspiration to symposium attendees. Our Keynote speaker included the below distinguished individuals:

- Jean Capler, Psychotherapist at Easterseals Crossroads

- Doug Huntsinger, Drug Czar, Office of the Governor

- Jay Chaudhary, Director of the Division of Mental Health & Addiction

- Srikant Devaraj Ph.D., VP of Health Analytics and Chair of SEOW

- Justin Blackburn PhD. & Heather Taylor of Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health

- Don McCay Ph.D.& Adam McFatridge MA, Indiana HIDTA

- Dane Minnick, Assistant Professor at Ball State University and Vice Chair of SEOW

- Kaitlin Rupp, MA: Director of Program Evaluation: Tobacco Prevention and Cessation for Indiana Dept. of Health

- Kelly Welker, Director of Addiction Services at FSSA

We express our deepest thank you to each of the above speakers as they have all shared unique and valuable insights!

At Syra Health we remain dedicated and excited to continue our collective efforts in driving positive behavioral and mental health change. We firmly believe that improvement within this area requires collaborative efforts, data-driven approaches, and strategic partnerships. By aligning with the SEOW movement, we hope to contribute our expertise, resources, and support to the collective mission of enhancing community health outcomes in Indiana.

Interested in learning more about SEOW? Visit our landing page below here!

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