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Population Health Management

Behavioral & Mental Health

Behavioral health refers to one’s behavior tendencies and its relationship between and physical, mental, and spiritual health. This includes (but not limited to) how actions such as eating, drinking, and exercise affect physical or mental health. Behavioral health, on the other hand, includes mental health. As a result, individuals suffering from mental illnesses can benefit from behavioral health improvement concepts.

Individuals and/or groups in need of further understanding about behavioral health and related issues and services can be provided by Syra Health’s Behavioral & Mental Health Education Services. We uniquely curate our content to educate the community and remove stigma associated with those who require mental health and drug addiction assistance. We employ a variety of mediums to convey information about mental health and drug misuse, as well as to notify the community about services and programs, such as ads, billboards, newspapers, local radio talk show forums, and television. Through these efforts, Syra Health will delivery the educational content needed to improve the mental well-being of those affected.

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Population Health Management

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