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Syra Health Launches SyraBot, a digital health product

SyraBot is Syra Health’s third product launch in four weeks

CARMEL, Ind., November 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Syra Health Corp. (NASDAQ: SYRA) (“Syra Health” or the “Company”), a healthcare company addressing some of healthcare’s most significant challenges by providing innovative services and technology solutions, today announced the launch of SyraBot, a product available through the Company’s Digital Health business unit.

SyraBot is Syra Health’s human-centric AI-backed chatbot that delivers conversational and immediate responses to inquiries made through a healthcare organization’s website, providing real-time access to information users need, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

“SyraBot never sleeps, “said Dr. Deepika Vuppalanchi, CEO, of Syra Health. “For that reason, it’s a welcome addition to any healthcare organization’s team.”

Created in response to the increasing demands placed on administrative healthcare professionals, SyraBot emerges as a cost-effective solution by streamlining administrative tasks and reducing heavy workloads. SyraBot reduces the number of calls and time it takes to respond to duplicate inquiries, all while increasing user satisfaction.

SyraBot is inclusive, available in up to 200 languages and dialects, and accessible at a fifth-grade reading level or lower.

"SyraBot is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare,” said Sandeep Allam, Executive Chairman and President, Syra Health. “By combining accessibility, multilingual support, and a conversational interface, we believe SyraBot will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital health."

Syra Health has developed and customized SyraBot to serve three different segments within the healthcare space: payers, providers, and state governments.

The launch of SyraBot marks Syra Health’s third product launch in just four weeks, underscoring the Company’s commitment to addressing some of healthcare’s largest challenges such as digital health. SyraBot intends to transform how users interact with digital health, making the experience personal, conversation and accessible.


Syra Health is a healthcare company addressing some of healthcare's most significant challenges by providing innovative services and technology solutions. Syra Health specializes in behavioral and mental health, digital health, and population health. Syra Health’s solutions are centered on prevention, improved access, and affordable care.


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