Public Health Surveillance

Our Approach

Surveillance is critical for improving population health. We can systematically collect and analyze public health data across geolocations and help shape public health practices. Our team helps characterize the burden of disease and adverse health events, prioritize public health actions, monitor the impact of interventions, and identify emerging health conditions that may have a significant impact on population health. Our services include data collection and monitoring, data analysis, information dissemination, and developing strategies and frameworks to help shape public health programs.

Burden of Disease

For at-risk populations, Syra can explore public health related issues based on regional needs assessments. Our approach involves using quantitative analysis to examine morbidity, mortality rates, and other factors affecting the population across various regions

Regional Vulnerability Indexes

Using statistical methods, Syra Health can conduct comprehensive assessments and spatial accessibility strategies to estimate which regions are most vulnerable to certain public health issues

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