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Population Health Management

Our Solution

Our expertise lies in quickly identifying populations that may be at risk of serious health problems, thereby reducing the likelihood of such issues. We utilize real-time data analysis to ensure that our customers receive the most accurate information available.

Our Approach

Surveillance plays a crucial role in enhancing population health. Our team collects and analyzes public health data from various geographic locations to shape public health practices. We assist in characterizing the burden of disease and adverse health events, prioritize public health actions, monitor the impact of interventions, and detect emerging health conditions that could significantly affect population health.

Burden Of Disease

For at-risk populations, Syra Health conducts assessments based on regional needs, using quantitative analysis to study factors such as morbidity, mortality rates, and other elements that affect the population across different regions.

Regional Vulnerability Indexes

Syra Health uses statistical methods to conduct thorough assessments and determine which regions are most susceptible to specific public health issues. Our approach involves estimating regional vulnerability through the use of statistical methods and spatial accessibility strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our analytic solution helps provider networks and health plans with risk stratification of members as well as intervention identification for longitudinal or episodic care management
Our team of experts consists of Health Economists, Data Scientists, Biostatisticians, and Analysts
Using predictive analytics, our team of experts can help identify at-risk patient populations for a particular health condition or for suboptimal treatment responses, design appropriate interventions, and improve their overall health
Use of health analytics can address healthcare wastage, leading to lower administrative costs and return focus to patient and healthcare costs. Additionally, use of predictive analytics can reduce overall healthcare administrative costs for payers and providers by streamlining care, reducing errors, identifying cost savings.

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Population Health Management

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