With Syra Health, you have a committed partner for improving health equity and population health across your organization’s needs.

About the Founder

Deepika Vuppalanchi obtained her doctoral degree in molecular biology and genetics from University of Delaware and continued to work as a research scientist in renowned institutes such as Indiana University School of Medicine, prior to moving to private sector. Deepika brings in several years of experience in healthcare strategy, education and outreach for major pharmaceutical industries, government agencies, and managed care entities. As a leader of a women and minority-owned company, Deepika first-hand understands the healthcare needs and implications of social determinants of health of diverse population with her background in medical science and public health experience.

About Syra Health

Syra Health is a scientific and medically oriented professional services company that leverages deep healthcare and managed-care industry expertise to create solutions for our clients based on real-world evidence and insights from advanced analytics. Our areas of expertise include population health management, behavioral and mental health, healthcare quality solutions, health analytics, healthcare education and outreach.

We offer solutions in Population Health Management with a goal to help individuals reach their highest potential for health through preventative care, care coordination, and patient engagement. Our strength lies in understanding populations with chronic disease states and complex care needs, and strategically engaging community partnerships to allow for integrated care. Our customers in this space are government agencies, integrated health networks, managed care entities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Syra Health subject matter experts and implementation teams work with different public and private organizations to help craft frameworks for improving Health Equity at local, community, State and National level. Some of the solutions include creating programs to understand social determinants of health that impact a particular community or program. Training and education on the different aspects of health equity are also integral part of this solution package. Our solutions are also catered to educating and improving the enrollment of patients into clinical trials with the use of artificial-intelligence driven tools. Syra Health solutions encompass clinical trial management services for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

Syra Health strongly believes in behavioral health equity and strives to provide quality health care to all populations, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or geographic location. Prevention, specialized clinical workforce, and recovery services (telemedicine) for mental and substance use disorders are among our services. We provide services for State and privately-owned hospitals, long-term facilities, and health institutes focused on behavioral and mental health.

Patient engagement and satisfaction are key elements of Healthcare Quality Solutions that also impact revenue generation for healthcare organizations. Our experts help provider networks, and managed care entities design and execute purposeful, data-driven patient engagement programs that help greater adoption of risk-based contracting.

Syra Health has a broad team of data scientists, public health experts, health economists, and biostatisticians that provide Advanced Health Analytics on retrospective to real-world data to provide meaningful insights to improve quality of clinical care, understand patterns and trends around diagnosis, treatment, and continued care. We provide epidemiology consulting services along with analytics to understand state-wide trends and help government agencies with shaping the health policies.

Syra Health team of scientific and medical gurus’ along with our creative and strategic personnel come together to develop insightful and engaging Healthcare Education Services for a wide variety of audience including physicians, payers, and patients. We collaborate with medical affairs and brand marketing teams in the pharmaceutical companies, state health department leads, principal investigators running clinical trials and many other clients whose needs are to simply the scientific information into medical stories that can engage audiences.