Syra Health

Syra Health Receives Recognition as a Women Business Enterprise

Syra Health is pleased to announce that we are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. This is a great accomplishment as it paves the way for greater business possibilities and empowers women to be entrepreneurs. Companies and organizations who work with Syra Health may be eligible for cost-cutting incentives, which will benefit our current and future partners. We want to continually cultivate our partnerships with other WBEs in order to promote women’s empowerment and advance gender parity.

Deepika Vuppalanchi, CEO of Syra Health, always wanted to demonstrate that women can pursue their interests and achieve their goals by leading by example. She quoted, “Our continued partnership with WBE’s across the United States is a significant milestone in ensuring that women leaders, both within and outside of our company, have the resources and support necessary to build a better future for our global society and businesses playing a key role in this more equitable future”

Through her leadership and vision, Syra Health is expanding nationwide and enhancing its capabilities daily with great results. Syra Health is ecstatic to be a part of the collaborative mission to enable women to realize their business ambitions!

For more information, contact:

Christine Drury

Marketing Communications Director