Reach your full health potential with Soulcial by focusing on enriching and connecting your mind, body, and soul! Our comprehensive set of user-centric features are ready to aid you in your wellness journey.

The Importance Of Mind, Body, And Soul

The connection of one’s mind, body, and soul is essential in the pursuit of their health potential.


Hone-in on Intelligence, memory, feelings, and emotions



Reach peak physical health



Activities that nurture the soul

Modules And Features

How Soulcial works

Advanced tracking tools to record your wellness improvements

  • Get real time updates and notification on your care
  • Enjoy a range of free assessments
  • Understand your health better through our self-service educational content
  • Keep track of your health status through journals
  • Easily schedule an appointment with a care professional
  • Receive information regarding your member benefits
  • See the closest care facilities in your area

Our wellness content is available at anytime

  • Meditation (guided available)
  • View workout and exercise videos
  • Learn how nutrition impacts your overall health and what you can do to eat a more balanced diet
  • Our self-guided library can help you better understand yourself and realize your growth areas