Enhancing your mind, body, and soul

Reach your full health potential with Soulcial by focusing on enriching and connecting your mind, body, and soul! Our comprehensive set of user-centric features are ready to aid you in your wellness journey.

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The Importance of Mind, Body, and Soul

The connection of one’s mind, body, and soul is essential in the pursuit of their health potential.


Hone-in on Intelligence, memory, feelings, and emotions


Reach peak physical health


Activities that nurture the soul

How Soulcial Works

Core Features


Educational Resources

  • Enjoy evidence-based education content
  • Experience guided activities from our experts to enhance your mind, body, and soul
  • An expansive self-service library is at your fingertips
  • Access informative wellness articles and resources

Alerts & Notifications

  • Receive real time activity and medication reminders
  • Get usage alerts on your preferred fitness facility
  • Real-time updates on your wellness progress

Profile & Assessments

  • Create your personal profile to begin your wellness journey
  • Baseline assessments
  • Identify your target goals
  • Receive profile reports on your progress

App Accessibility

  • User-friendly interface
  • ADA accessible features & multiple languages available
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Admin profiles used to monitor and setup organizational wellness initiatives right from our app
shapeHow Soulcial Works

Modules and Features

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Advanced tracking tools to record your wellness improvements

  • Steps
  • Water intake
  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Caloric intake
  • Mental Health Status
  • Objectives & Goals

Our wellness content is available at anytime.

  • Meditation (guided available)
  • View workout and exercise videos
  • Learn how nutrition impacts your overall health and what you can do to eat a more balanced diet
  • Our self-guided library can help your better understand yourself and realize your growth areas
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Get extra motivation by challenging other users

Users within an organization can set challenges to encourage Soulcial users to try their hardest to reach their goals. Receive rewards, track challenge leaderboards, and reach your health potential together!

  • Admins can set challenges and invite all required users to join
  • Begin challenges at any time within any of our wellness areas
  • Specific individual results may remain private, per user discretion
  • Receive real time updates and notification on standings and results

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