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Feel connected, engaged, and empowered throughout your care journey with our AI powered customer service chatting system. Your members will have 24/7 access to the information they needed to optimize patient experience. Benefit from an extensive set of features, all working together to improve your health outcomes!

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Syra AI

Meet Syra AI, that healthcare chatbot transforming modern healthcare communication!

Our AI chatbot is designed to help people feel connected and involved throughout their care experience. Members will have 24/7 access to the information they require, thanks to our AI-powered customer support chatting system. Discover a comprehensive set of features that all work together to enhance health results in the rapidly evolving conversational AI ecosystem!

  • Automate manual operations to enhance HCP care
  • Support patients recognizing health warning signs
  • Promote patients' compliance with therapy and medical regimens
  • Provide a bias-free environment for patients to provide personal information

Experience an end-to-end value-based chatbot system

How our AI Chabot Works

Our Industry Leading Features

  • Medication specific information
  • Nutritional suggestions
  • Health prevention strategies
  • Guided exercises and activities
  • Relevant articles & publications

Assessments & Analytics

  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Secured data access to patients and caregivers
  • Get free evaluations
  • Therapy management
  • 24/7 chatbot access
  • Get real-time treatment updates
  • Realtime health data sharing
  • View prescription status
  • Timely reminders
  • Post-appointment summary
shapeHow Our AI Chabot Works

Modules and Features

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Here we will list the various key modules that Syrenity will offer

  • Get real time updates and notification on your care
  • Enjoy a range of free assessments
  • Understand your health better through our self-service educational content
  • Keep track of your health status through journals
  • Easily schedule an appointment with a care professional
  • Receive information regarding your member benefits
  • See the closest care facilities in your area

Safe, Secure, and Accessible

  • Complies with ADA Accessibility requirements
  • HIPAA compliant to ensure you info is safe
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Chatbot is private, so your data only stays with us
  • De-identification of your data so it cannot be traced back to you
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Use Cases

Virtual Care Assistance

Patients can use Syra Health AI Chatbot to access virtual care support 24/7, providing them with immediate assistance for common health concerns and guiding them on appropriate next steps.

Health Education

Syra Health AI Chatbot delivers educational content on various health topics, empowering patients with knowledge about their health conditions, treatment options, and preventive care measures.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can schedule appointments with care professionals through Syra Health AI Chatbot, simplifying the process and improving patient access to timely care.

Health Tracking and Monitoring

Syra Health AI Chatbot can integrate with internet-enabled medical devices, helping patients track their health metrics and receive personalized suggestions for managing their health conditions.

Insurance and Member Benefits Information

Patients can obtain information about their insurance coverage and member benefits through Syra Health AI Chatbot, helping them understand their healthcare costs and coverage limitations.

Care Facility Locator

Patients can use Syra Health AI Chatbot to find nearby care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, based on their location, improving their access to appropriate healthcare services.

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