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Best 2021 Medical Staffing Solutions by Syra Health


2021 Medical Staffing Solutions

Most organizations find themselves in a state of personnel crunch owing to multiple other reasons. While it is easier for them to hire temporary or replacement staff, healthcare organizations aren’t so simple. This is due to the nature of work and the need for well-trained staff. The need usually arises in case of employee sickness, medical leave, or during general recruitment. 

To ease the load of testing and recruitment, healthcare organizations associate with medical staffing agencies. These agencies help them fulfill their staff needs by providing vetted and qualified candidates. They extend their scope of support to nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other healthcare units. These agencies have a huge network that helps connect the employers to the right employees. 

An increasing number of healthcare setups are on the hunt for medical staffing solutions in 2020. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic has surged the demand for trained frontline workers and support staff and increased medical leaves and employee illness. As a healthcare practice, it only makes sense for you to focus on the increasing cases that worry about recruitments. It is a good idea to look out for solutions that help resolve your employment gaps.

Best 2021 Medical Staffing Solutions by Syra Health

Syra Health Medical Staffing Solutions: Advantages

  • Connect you to trained and vetted employees
  • Cut you the hassle of conducting interviews
  • Perform multi-level screenings to help connect you to only suitable employees
  • Perform background checks for candidates
  • Help match candidates to the right job profiles
  • Prevent expensive and time-consuming hiring mistakes
  • Find employees from sources that you may not think of
  • Quickly fill the vacancies as soon as they arise due to the availability of a large pool of pre-vetted employees
  • Prevent burnout of current employees by offering quick replacements or additions in case of staff shortage

Types of healthcare staffing solutions:

Medical staffing solutions differ in terms of the services they offer. Here are the different types of medical agencies that you can consider:

  • Allied healthcare staffing solutions

    Medical staffing solutions are not just about nursing or other frontline staff. Allied healthcare staffing agencies are responsible for providing employees in other disciplines too. These include occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical technicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, etc. These are important positions in the healthcare setting, and allied healthcare staffing agencies ensure that you have access to these therapists at all times.

  • Locum tenens staffing solutions

    The most difficult form of staffing is when you need temporary employees if your permanent employees are on sick leave, sabbatical, or vacation. It is critical for someone to hold the position and help during peak seasons and offer your customers the best experience. It is difficult for organizations to find employees in such cases because they are only temporary yet need to be filled urgently without compromising the professional’s expertise.

  • Per diem nurse staffing solutions

    It often makes sense to try out employees before hiring them. Contract assignments are also quite helpful for urgent short-term needs. Per diem nurse staffing agencies make it possible. They provide medical staff on a per-day basis. You can hire as and when the need arises or hire only if you are satisfied with the services. 

  • Travel nursing staffing solutions

    Travel nurses are very important in maintaining the patient-to-nurse ratio across the country. They help fill employment gaps by traveling to the location of the position. These positions could be anywhere across the country. By associating with travel nurse staffing agencies, you can fill nursing positions irrespective of your city’s staff shortage.

The pandemic has left most of us in difficult business situations. The healthcare sector is continually struggling with staffing due to staff testing positive, the surge in the number of patients, etc. This has left healthcare practitioners worried about maintaining the quality of service that their patients are used to. If you are one of those, do not worry. We offer comprehensive medical staffing solutions to help you offer strategic services to your patients. All the candidates we refer, go through a strict screening process, and we perform a robust background check to avoid any negative experience. Contact us for all medical staffing needs, and we will connect you to the best employees.