Behavioral And Mental Health

Syra Health is a strong believer in the importance of Behavioral and Mental Health. We strive to provide quality healthcare solutions to all populations to promote health equity and equality for all! Specializing in telehealth, prevention, clinical workforce, and data analytics, Syra Health can help you solve all your Behavioral and Mental Health needs.

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Prevention Programs

Evidence-based behavioral and mental health tools/apps to track mood changes coupled with predictive analysis to provide valuable tips, solutions, and potential treatment interventions

Behavioral and Mental Health Education

Educational content to healthcare professions, patients, and caregivers on evolving guidelines, clinical interventions, and public health policies

Specialized Clinical Workforce

We help reduce the current clinical staffing shortage by providing qualified mental health specialties including, psych nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practice nurses, case and care managers, addictions specialists, and therapists

Behavioral Telehealth

Access care for anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and other behavioral health problems by prompt tele-behavioral services provided by healthcare professionals. Individual and group therapy options are available

Data Analytics

Population-level analysis of behavioral and mental health at the county, state, and national level

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