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5 Ways to Foster Resilience in Healthcare Professionals


While the world was still recuperating from the losses induced by COVID19 last year, here’s another blow by the second wave of the pandemic. Healthcare workers in urban and rural healthcare centers and senior living facilities are emotionally exhausted; their mental health has taken the worst blow. Despite the advent of successful vaccines, we are still unsure about progress and how to overcome this kind-of-an-apocalypse. So, at Syra Health, we spoke with our internal health experts and came up with a few solutions to help our communities.

Manifesting Positive Environment at Work & Home

When we struggle, our energies are hyper-focused on the challenges. We are too vulnerable to think of positive manifestation possible through practicing the art of appreciation. It would be to live in denial, not to find that person who enjoyed some level of success in their personal or professional front away from the hideous sight of the pandemic. Let us acknowledge the efforts of our fellow workers and family members driving their pursuit of living. When you have a healthcare worker at home, be sensitive to their emotional needs. 

Extended Compassion Check when on Leave

When you are in the healthcare industry, you are at the forefront, ready to serve your people and country. While you serve your people and country, your presence in the lives of those healthcare professionals working for you is also very important. Here, a compassion check can help you preserve your professional relationships and amplify your endeavor for the community. These healthcare professionals acknowledged for their work and checked on their wellbeing feel support and sing of the praise in their extended communities—that how much they like to work with you.

Get Real & Quick Board Room Appreciation

Emergency calls for frequent board meetings or conference calls with your healthcare professionals cracking the Ground in real-time. While you meet the demands of such calls, consider seeding a note of appreciation that too not mere “good job done.” Recall something more personal about your professional’s regular work habit, something with a dash of humor, and then juxtapose it to their current undertaking in Ground0. Such sincere praises during a board meeting or on a conference call can go a long way to foster a standard reinforcement of positivity. 

Join your Healthcare Professionals for a Good Meal

Healthcare professionals have too little time to spend at home during this ongoing pandemic, whether to admin new patients or administer the vaccination. Most of the time, these healthcare professionals stay back in hospitals or at their center of services. They have very little time to enjoy a good meal, which is a quick grub on the go. As the in charge of your healthcare organization, ensure that your professionals have minimum time spent on their meal. If feasible, sit with them for a group meal, or visit them to check if they had their food on time. Good food aids their wellbeing aids your business. 

Paycheck Review or a Surprise Appraisal

Nothing beats a good paycheck revision or a surprise pay-scale revision for all, including those at the emergency forefront like your nurses, doctors, and diagnostic professionals, but also those in-house coordinating with your healthcare professionals on their strategy and supply provision. Because who knows how much your professionals need to compensate their family members for the lost family hours with their newborn left in the creche or their ailing parents on emergency support.  

At SyraHealth, our professionals tried these little tricks to contain the emotional burnout, and it worked beautifully with some of our clients. If you feel we can help you out through consultation for a king-size force of healthcare professionals on and off the ground, we are ready to be of your support and keep it moving!