We are a group of like-minded, medical, strategic, and creative people who have come together to provide unique medical education solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech and medical device companies, and government agencies.

Our in-house medical writers develop insightful, accurate, and compliant medical education content to drive the organizational and brand strategic goals and vision. 

Our education outreach plan utilizes a multitude of omnichannel delivery approaches from traditional print and electronic formats to real-time artificial intelligence infused targeted education.


Disease education to educate patients, providers, caregivers, employees, and communities to improve outcomes.

Disease-focused resources include topics on

Interactive PDF/PowerPoint/Flashcard/Brochure/Social Media Content


Patient-centric educational content is developed following AHRQ and AAACN guidelines. Emphasis is on visuals and simple understandable language that resonates with patients across the spectrum of literacy levels.

Interactive pdf/Power point/ flashcard/ brochures/social media content


Core brand marketing resource presenting the value proposition of a product that aligns with the brand strategic goals and vision. Highly visual and encaptivating visual aid helps increase the engagement with the health care providers while establishing the core product attributes.

Data-informed, insightful, and high impact medical education to creatively help close health care providers knowledge gaps. These resources will lead to change in specific prescribing behaviors that help to take positive action in patients’ care.

Content includes

Interactive PDF/PowerPoint



Conduct and moderate live or virtual advisory board meetings to acquire novel insights, perceptions, and advice on various healthcare topics including drug competitive landscape, therapeutic product launches, clinical trials and value-based care.


Our medical, creative, and strategic teams will partner with you to help develop or enhance your brand identity and customer experience using innovative and strategic communication and processes automation strategies.

Grant Writing and Publication Support

Our team can help develop publications that are evidence-based and clinically relevant. Our expertise medical team will work with your scientific and clinical experts and help communicate the medical story in an efficient, accurate and scientific manner. Journal guidelines for abstract and manuscripts will be taken into deep consideration while developing the manuscripts.

Gap Analysis and Reporting

Our public policy, epidemiology, data scientists, and scientific advisors work with your organization to perform gap-analysis, conduct internal and external stakeholders surveys, data analyses and generate quarterly and annual reports on the findings.


Core training resources that will help and guide account managers and sales/ field representatives to drive the value messages and brand objectives in an effective manner

Live or virtual webinar training sessions

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