Healthcare Education And Outreach

We are a group of like-minded, medical, strategic, and creative people who have come together to provide unique medical education solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech and medical device companies, and government agencies. Our in-house medical writers develop insightful, accurate, and compliant medical education content to drive the organizational and brand strategic goals and vision. Our education outreach plan utilizes many omnichannel delivery approaches from traditional print, and electronic formats to real-time artificial intelligence infused targeted education.

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Managed Care Entities

  • Member and Caregiver Information Resources
  • Physicians/HCP Resources
  • Member Engagement – Targeted Education via AI-integrated Voice/Chat bots
  • Case Coordinators/Nursing/Health Aides Resources
  • Wellness and Preventative Care Solutions

Government Agencies

  • Epidemiology/public health reports
  • Special topic reports – Behavioral Health
  • Public Health and Policy Recommendations


  • Medical Affairs and Clinical Trials
  • Value Propositions and Product Monographs
  • Health Economic Outcomes Research Resources
  • Workshops and Advisory Board Meetings
  • Patient and Payer Information Resources

Institutions and Organizations

  • Grant writing
  • Publications Support